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Product Description

3M DYNATEL 500AP POWER CABLE LOCATOR REPAIRED The Dynatel 500A locates the path of buried cable and measures cable depth, directly or by the traditional triangulation method, to allow for accurate, efficient excavating. The Dynatel 500A is easy to operate, and requires very little training. The unit consists of two basic components: Transmitter with built-in volt/ohmmeter/output level meter, Hand-held receiver with reference meter and audible cable-location signal,

The 500A operates in three different tones-RF, audio, and power cable mode. RF mode-for precise cable locating over short distances; detects inaudible high-frequency RF tone at 300 kHz; tone is applied by induction, Dyna-Coupler, or by direct metallic connection; Audio mode-for extended distance locating; detects a low-frequency 577.5 Hz tone applied by direct metallic connection; Power cable mode-detects 60 Hz AC current on power cables; can be used to locate and trace the path of a working power cable.

Comes with: Direct connect cord, Dynacoupler, coupler extension cord. The 500AP version has larger clips on the direct connect cord for the bigger conductors in power cable.

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