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Product Description

3M DYNATEL 500 CABLE LOCATOR REPAIRED They Dynatel 500 is a portable, battery-operated tone set that locates the path of buried or underground (UG) cables. Applications include locating butt splices, slack loops, unknown laterals, service drops, and encapsulated closures. The cable locator can also be used for positive cable or conductor identification, for finding the depth of buried or UG cables accurately, and for finding clear or severed cable ends.

The 500 locates cables without taking them out of service. The transmitter generates a high frequency tone that can be put on a cable or pair without opening it or noising it up. The tone does not interfere with signals or conversations already on the cable, and it is not sensitive to a-c power-induced noise. The transmitter has two power ranges: normal (for most applications), and high. Power level can be selected for soil conditions or cable length. Ground connections are generally unnecessary for the transmitter setup, and no connections are required for the receiver, which can be operated with one hand at normal walking speeds.

The tone receiver is a very sensitive, tuned unit that receives only the signal from the transmitter. The receiver output can be heard either through the built-in loudspeaker, or through headphones. In addition, the receiver meter indicates the strength of the tone. The volume knob controls the speaker output level, the headphone output level, and the meter sensitivity. Headphones are optional with the Dynatel 500.

The cable locator consists of a transmitter, receiver, direct connect cord, dynacoupler, and coupler extension cord. The transmitter and receiver are made of durable yellow fiberglass for light weight and high visibility, and water resistance in wet-weather operation. For compact storage and carrying, the receiver and accessory units fit into the transmitter case when not in use.

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