Allegro 3000-01 Airline Filter, Regulator, 2 Outlets

Allegro 3000-01 Airline Filter, Regulator, 2 Outlets
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Product Description

Allegro 3000-01 Airline Filter, Regulator, 2?Outlets

Made for rugged environments, this “Pot” type filter utilizes a large capacity quality filter cartridge to provide longer life filtration. Greater material surface area provides increased absorption for oil, water, and odors. Made of impact and corrosion-resistant steel and equipped with an airline regulator and two outlets. ** THE ALLEGRO AIRLINE FILTER DOES NOT REMOVE CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) OR TOXIC GASES **

CFM: 75

The Airline Filter is designed to remove oil mist, water vapor and particulates down to 0.5 microns from breathing grade compressed air. The Airline filter is placed inline between the breathing air source and the respirator airline hose, air enters the filter through the inlet port. Once the air has been filtered, moisture is removed and drained through a drain valve located at the bottom of the airline filter. CONSTRUCTION: Body: Heavy gauge impact- and corrosionresistant aluminum, powder-coated (gray) Valve: Balanced valve design, Brass/Nitrile Relief Valve: Brass, spring loaded (external) Inlet: 1" NPT Fitting: ¼" (0.63 cm) Rectus Quick-Connect Max Temperature: 140° F (60° C) Max Pressure: 125 psi Pressure Gauge: Analog, 0-150 psi Legs: ABS Plastic (used to mount the airline filter on a wall or as a stand) FILTER CARTRIDGE: Large capacity filter cartridge provides better and longer filtration. Made of felt, polyester wadding, quality activated carbon and quality activated alumina material. This filter helps trap water, oil, dust particles and odors from the compressed air source. 3100-02 Replacement Filter Cartridge DIMENSIONS: Height In (cm) Length In (cm) Depth In (cm) Weight Lbs (Kg) 18 ¾"(47.6) 12 ¼" (31.1) 12 ¼" (31.1) 16 lbs (7.2) ** THE ALLEGRO AIRLINE FILTER DOES NOT REMOVE CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) OR TOXIC GASES **

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