Allegro 0201 FitCheck Ampoules, Banana Oil (10/Box)

Allegro 0201 FitCheck Ampoules, Banana Oil (10/Box)
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Product Description

Allegro 201 FitCheck Ampoules, Banana Oil (10/Box)

Respirator Fit Test Check Ampules offers you an easy and safe way to perform Respirator Fit Testing. Each Iso Amyl Acetate ampule is made for one time use.

Banana Oil Respirator Fit Check Ampules Respirator Fit Test Check Ampules Provides a fast, safe and easy method to preform qualitative respirator fit check. When activated, the ampules give off a non-irritating odor of banana oil (Iso Amyl Acetate). If banana odor is detected by the wearer, the respirator must be adjusted or replaced. 10 ampules per box.

AMPULE: Glass container Packaged in a white packaging for protection Contains 0.34 oz (10.05 ml) of solution Sold as replacement ampules 1½"( 3.8 cm) length 1¼" (3.1 cm) circumference 3/8" (.95 cm) diameter 10 ampules per box

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