ANRITSU MT-9083A2-063 SM 1310-1550 MM 850-1300 OTDR, SM/MM OPM, OLS REPAIRED

ANRITSU MT-9083A2-063 SM 1310-1550 MM 850-1300 OTDR, SM/MM OPM, OLS REPAIRED
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Product Description

ANRITSU MT-9083A2-063 SM 1310-1550 MM 850-1300 MINI OTDR, SM/MM OPM, OLS REPAIRED Anritsu is now pleased to announce the enhanced MT9083A2/B2/C2 models. The ACCESS Master MT9083x2 now features a 7-inch widescreen TFT-LCD display for use both indoors and outdoors, enhanced battery operation time (up to 12 hours), increased operating temperature range (.10‹ to +50‹C) and new short-cut function keys. Enhancements: œ Larger (7 inch), higher resolution (800 ~480) display with LED backlight œ Longer battery operation time: Up to 12 hours œ Wider operating temperature range: .10‹ to +50‹C œ New shortcut keys to simplify operation: quickly change between trace and event table or access set-ups and mass storage œ Lighter . now only 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)!

Optimized for Verifying PON Splitters Up to 1 Χ 128 Count Many OTDRs claim to be able to test splitter-based, passive optical networks (PON) but the MT9083 delivers in a way others wish they could. With its high dynamic range and quick data acquisition, the MT9083 provides unparalleled resolution of single or closely spaced, cascaded splitters up to an industry-leading 1 Χ 128 count.

Designed with the Features that Matter Most When buying products, you tend to choose ones that are innovative and from established companies. When you need to install and maintain optical networks, this should also apply. With over 50 years of combined OTDR design, Anritsu, delivers the features that matter. Having been in the test and measurement business for a long time, we understand that things like performance, portability, reliability, easy operation and of course price are important.

Quick Startup The ACCESS Master is ready for measurement about 15 seconds after power-on so productive work can start immediately.

Long Battery Life Since AC power is not always available where you need it, especially at fiber pedestals, the MT9083 typically provides up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. This coupled with an optional car cord (for cigarette lighter operation) guarantees the MT9083 is ready when you are.

Portable With its light weight design and user friendly dimensions, the MT9083 is perfect for the outside plant environment and can easily be managed with one hand. The shoulder strap (part of the protector option) further increases portability when travelling from the truck to the testing site.

Rugged The MT9083 features a solid casework with no fans or vents to keep dust or moisture from entering the unit. In addition, the protector option (MT9083A2/B2/C2-010) includes rubber bumpers and a display cover for additional protection from those minor mishaps.

Generous Data Storage With the ability to store up to 1,000 traces in internal memory and up to 30,000 via a USB device, the MT9083 offers plenty of storage for collecting and managing data.

No Experience Required With the ACCESS Master, the experience is built in. With specialized testing modes, automatic parameter selection, PASS/FAIL indicators as well as features to virtually eliminate the chance to get “bad” results, the MT9083 can make anyone seems like a 20 year veteran. Let it help you master your network.

Easy “drag and drop” File Transfers When the MT9083 is connected to a PC via a USB cable, the internal memory of the ACCESS Master can be directly accessed. Data can be selected, dragged and dropped into the PC memory, greatly simplifying file transfers. The MT9083 also supports use of USB memory sticks.

Common OTDR Data Format The MT9083 supports the universal Telcordia SR-4731 (issue 2) format making it compatible with not only legacy Anritsu and NetTest products, but with many other vendors data.

Free and Simple Software Upgrades Firmware upgrades are easily performed via USB and available from the Anritsu website for registered users or through Anritsu customer support.

Active Fiber Check Not only can OTDR measurements be affected when the optical fiber is in-service but there is a potential risk of damage to the transmitter and OTDR receiver. To prevent these problems, the MT9083 verifies if light is present before starting measurement and will not transmit if it is. An on-screen warning and internal OTDR protection are also part of this useful feature.

Integrated Macrobend Detection With many technicians making the switch from copper installations to optical fiber, installation issues such as macrobends are bound to occur. To help prevent this, Anritsu has developed a macrobend detection feature for the MT9083 that will alert technicians when a possible macrobend is present. This provides a higher quality of service for the customer and eliminates costly troubleshooting for you.

Multiple Wavelengths and Models Whether you need singlemode and multimode testing capabilities in one unit or standard 1310 nm & 1550 nm installation wavelengths plus 1650 nm with a filter for maintenance testing. The ACCESS Master can be configured to meet your individual needs.

The MT9083 delivers full featured OTDR performance plus loss test set and quality of service measurement in a surprisingly small and lightweight package. At only 28.4 cm wide Χ 20 cm tall Χ 7.7 cm deep and 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs.), it is field portable, yet rugged enough to withstand the outside plant environment. When equipped with power meter and visual light source options, it replaces several, larger pieces of test equipment

1 Up to 10 hours battery life plus quick recharge 2 Optical Power meter options with up to +30 dBm measurement range 3 Visible laser source for easy fiber identification and bend/ break location 4 Up to three wavelengths from a single port for any application 5 Dual USB ports for easy data transfer and connector inspection microscope 6 Dedicated short-cut keys to quickly move between events or view trace fill screen 7 Numeric keypad with dedicated keys for easy operation 8 Dedicated function keys for selecting parameters 9 Rotary dial for precision cursor movement 10 Arrow keys for quick zooming and navigation through menus 11 START key for simple one-button testing 12 7 inch indoor/outdoor color TFT-LCD display with LED backlight

Evaluation of access networks ranging from a few kilometers to metro networks reaching up to 100 km in length is becoming commonplace, requiring OTDRs to have the performance and functions for evaluating both short and long fibers. Designed with this in mind, the ACCESS Master delivers on both fronts

Improved Short Fiber Analysis An event dead zone of less than 1 m (80 cm typical) and a sampling 1resolution of 5 centimeters allow the MT9083 to evaluate connections and troubleshoot central office, FTTx and intra-building faults with ease – providing a level of detail never before seen

Extended Range Testing of 200 + km Fibers In addition to its superb high-resolution performance, the MT9083 also features up to 46 dB of dynamic range allowing it to easily test 200 + km spans making it a very useful tool for any network type.

Full PON Testing Many OTDRs claim to be able to test PONs but being able to do it with both high resolution and high range is what sets the MT9083 series apart. Splitters up to a single 1 Χ 128 or closely spaced, cascaded splitters are completely and accurately measured with industry leading resolution

Waveform Comparison Function Compare current and stored trace data to easily assess changes over time and to locate problems before they affect service or compare traces at different wavelengths to identify installation issues such as macrobending.

Standard High Resolution Display The MT9083 series now features a standard 7" high resolution display with excellent readability both indoors and outdoors – even in direct sunlight.

Dual-mode High Resolution/Enhanced Range Operation While many OTDRs provide good deadzone resolution or high dynamic range, the MT9083 series features a dual-mode design that allows a single unit to excel in both categories. The user can simply select HIGH RESOLUTION (HR) mode or ENHANCED RANGE (ER) based on the current task at hand. When HR mode is selected, this mode provides good measurement range with an industry leading deadzone (<1 m). When ER mode is selected, it provides unparalleled performance for measurement distance, measurement speed and deadzone - allowing a 100 km fiber to be tested in less than 10 seconds. ER mode is also used for testing PON networks with up to 128 branches.

Up to 150,001 Data Points for Increased Accuracy The MT9083 series also collects up to 150,001 with a resolution of just 2 m. This provides the necessary detail when installing and maintaining fiber spans.

Event Table with User Defined Thresholds PASS/FAIL thresholds for key acceptance criteria such as splice loss, connector loss and reflectance can be set in the MT9083 allowing technicians to easily assess a fiber’s condition. Failing values are clearly highlighted in the event table alerting technicians of potential problems.

MT-9083A2-063 w/options 002, 007, 010, ES310

002 Visible Light Source 007 SMF/MMF Optical Power Meter 010 With Protector (Option 010)

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