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Product Description

AMP 69671 AMP-FIT HAND TOOL NEW Products Facts Specifically designed for telephone air pressurization systems Highly reliable, lightweight, corrosion resistant system Full-joint strength connections require no solvents or special cleaning procedures Uniform reliability of all connectors due to precision tooling Available in kits containing an assortment of fittings Compression crimp technique provides fast, reliable, low cost connections Description AMP-FIT Products are designed specifically for use on telephone air pressurization systems. They include complete lines of fittings for CA-3131 type feeder pipe, 3/8 [9.53] tubing, 5 and 10 port manifolds with preassembled "F" and shutoff valves at each port. Installation is made possible without the need for solvents or special cleaning procedures in a matter of seconds by use of a manually operated hand tool. AMP-FIT Manifold Systems -- compact 5 or 10 port units designed for distribution of pressurized dry air from the CA-3131 feeder pipe to as many as 10 cables. Five (5) configurations are available as prepackaged kits. Component subassemblies are available so that you may configure a system for your exact needs.

AMP-FIT Fittings for CA-3131 Dry Air Feeder Pipe -- provide connections for pressurized dry air pipe systems. When connected, they offer a lightweight, corrosion resistant, highly reliable system that can be assembled more economically than the conventional methods.

AMP-FIT Fittings for 3/8 [9.53] Plastic Tubing -- designed to meet installation, repair and general maintenance requirements of telephone pressurization systems. AMP is currently offering nine types of 3/8 [9.53] fittings for your specific needs. Each fitting is individually packaged and contains the necessary inserts for 3/8 [9.53] tubing.

Each fitting is individually packaged and identified in a plastic bag.

Note: l/4 [6.35] Plastic Tubing--to use this size tubing with the 3/8 [9.53] fittings and tool, order Part No. 561335-1 which is a Reducer Bushing and Brass Insert in a plastic bag.

Tubing and Pipe Fittings Kits Kits -- contain a well-balanced assortment of fittings for telephone pressurization systems. They are available in 3/8 [9.53] and CA-3131 fittings. The components in these kits afford you the opportunity to make any standard tubing or pipe connection. Each fitting is individually wrapped with all component parts included. Each kit comes complete with instructions and hand tools (if requested). The 3/8 [9.53] Tubing Fittings Kit part numbers are: Kit No. 561344-2 with Hand Tool No. 69671 and Kit No. 561344-3 without Hand Tool. CA-3131 Pipe Fittings Kit part numbers are: Kit No. 561475-1 with Hand Tool No. 69992 and Kit No. 561475-2 without Hand Tool.

Technical Documents Instruction Sheets 408-2910 -- Shutoff Valve 408-2707 -- Manifolds 408-2540 -- CA-3131 Tooling 408-2539 -- CA3131 Fittings 408-2703 -- 3/8 [9.53] Fitting Tooling 408-2703-1 -- 3/8 [9.53] Tubing Fittings 408-6880 -- Check Valves Qualification Test Report 110-219

Material Fitting Body: Nylon ASTM D789 Preassembled Insert: Aluminum Crimping Ring: Stainless Steel Insert: Cartridge Brass

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