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POLYWATER HPY-12 16-Oz Type HP™ Aerosol (net wt 12 oz) 02786802110 Case OF 12

POLYWATER HPY-12 16-Oz Type HP™ Aerosol (net wt 12 oz) 02786802110 Case OF 12

Item # 11174351
Model # HPY-12
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CA Prop 65 Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Description

American Polywater Hpy-12 16-Oz Type Hp™ Aerosol (Net Wt 12 Oz) 02786802110 Case Of 12 American American Polywater Hpy-12 16-Oz Type Hp™ Aerosol (Net Wt 12 Oz) 02786802110 Case Of 12

Hp™ Multipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser A Non-Chlorinated Cleaner For General Industrial And Maintenance Use

Non-Ozone-Depleting! Type Hp® Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser -- Powerful Solvent Cleans Cables, Contacts, Circuit Boards, Controls, Relays, Switches, Electronic Equipment, Tools, Mro, Parts Cleaning, Industrial & Maintenance, Cfc And Hcfc Alternatives, Aerosols, Trichlor

Hp™ Is A Specially Formulated Solvent For Multi-Purpose Industrial And Maintenance Cleaning. It Replaces Ozone-Depleting Cfc'S, Trichloroethane And Other Carcinogenic Chlorinated Solvents. Hp™ Effectively Cleans Industrial Grimes, Greases, Lubrication Fluids, Silicone, Tars, Adhesives, And Fluxes.

Hp™ Evaporates With No Residue And Is Essentially Non-Conductive. It Is Suitable For Use In Electrical And Communications Maintenance As A Replacement For 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, But Is Slower Drying. It Is A Good Cleaner For Transformer Oils, Corrosion Inhibitor Compounds, Silicone Grease, Semi-Conducting Paints, And Many Other Kinds Of Electrical Grime.


One Cleaner For All Your Electrical And Communications Cleaning Needs. Contains No Cfc'S, Hcfc'S, Chlorinated Solvents, Perchloroethylene, Or Other Ozone-Depleting Solvents. Harmless To Most Plastics, Including Polycarbonate, Abs And Polyethylene. No Residue, Non-Conductive, Non-Corrosive, Non-Freezing, Non-Staining To Metals. Removes Residues That Can Cause Poor Operation Of Electrical Equipment. Suitable Replacement For Chlorinated Electrical Cleaners, Cable Cleaners, Contact Cleaners, And Spray Degreasers. Not A Rcra-Regulated Hazardous Waste. Available In Numerous Traditional And Unique Packages.

Effectively Cleans

Switch Gear

Motors Motor Control Devices

Generators Tools

Fusible Disconnecting Devices Circuit Boards

Relays Circuits

Cables Cable Gels

Silicone Greases Corroded Parts

C-Cement Transformers

Terminals Rheostats

Contactors General Degreasing


Hp™ Comes In A Variety Of Packages For Convenient Use. For Cleaning Large Areas, Bulk Packages Are Available. For Smaller Jobs, There Are Aerosol Spray Cans, Trigger Sprayers, Small Containers, And Towelettes. Separate Dry Towelettes Are Available In Bulk For Wiping Excess Solvent To Speed Evaporation.

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