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Plp Bfdms3376 Bird Flt Diverter .771-.858 Gray *Order Minimum* 75

Plp Bfdms3376 Bird Flt Diverter .771-.858 Gray *Order Minimum* 75

Item # 52938530
Model # BFDMS3376
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CA Prop 65 Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Description

Preformed Line Products Bfdms3376 Bird Flt Diverter .771-.858 Gray New

Plastic: -Length: Distance Product Covers The Conductor. -Color Code: Identifies Conductor Range, Corresponding To Tabular Information On The Following Page. -Color: Yellow, Gray Or Black -Material: Outdoor Grade Pvc -Coil Diameter: Internal Diameter Of Diverter Coil -Thermal Rating: 125C Continuous -Application Voltage: Gray And Yellow (230Kv And Below) --- Semi-Conductive Black (345Kv)

General Recommendations: -The Bird-Flight Diverter Is Designed To Make Overhead Lines And Guyed Structures Visible To Birds And Provides Aneconomical Means Of Reducing The Hazard To Both Lines And Birds. For Low And Medium Voltage Construction, The Birdflight Diverter Is Applied To The Phase Conductors (Bare Or Jacketed). For High Voltages, It Is Used On The Shield Wire. -The Bird-Flight Diverter Is Lightweight, Offers Little Wind Resistance And Is Easily And Quickly Applied By Hand Or By Hot Stick. The Positive Grip On The Conductor Ensures That The Bird-Flight Diverter Remains In The Applied Position And Cannot Move Along The Span Under Aeolian Vibration Or Other Conditions. -Visability: The Diverter Section Increases The Visible Profile Of The Cable Or Conductor To A Degree Necessary To Ensure Safety, But Avoids An Undesirably Bulky Outline. -Materials: The Plastic Bfd Is Manufactured From Rigid .375" And .500" High Impact Polyvinyl Chloride (Pvc) Possessing Excellent Chemical Resistance And Tensile Strength Properties. The Bird-Flight Diverter Will Retain Good Physical Characteristics Within A Range Of Extreme Temperatures. Aging Tests Confirm The Material Does Not Deteriorate In Function Or Appearance From The Effects Of Severe Weather Conditions. Industrial Fumes And Salt Water Cannot Seriously Degrade The Properties Of Rigid Pvc. -The Aluminum Bfd Is Manufactured From A High Strength, Corrosive Resistant Aluminum Alloy Material. It Is Ideal For Use On Conductors Operated At Elevated Temperatures.

Applications: -Ensure The Correct Size Bird-Flight Diverter Is Used. For A Detailed Installation Description, Refer To The Application Instructions. Hot Stick Application Is Fast And Simple With Standard Equipment. -Spacing: For Optimum Results, Spacing Distances Are Generally Recommended At 15' Intervals Depending Upon Local Conditions. Since Wind Resistance Is Very Limited, Sufficient Bird-Flight Diverters Can Be Used To Ensure Adequate Visibility Without Creating Stresses On The Line. When Marking Adjacent Spans, Overall Visibility Is Improved By Staggering The Application. -Voltage: For Applications On The Phase Conductors, Any Of The Bird-Flight Diverters (Bfd) Can Be Used At 3 Phase Voltages Of 230Kv And Below. For Applications Of The Bfd At 345Kv, The Black Bfd Which Utilizes A Semi-Conductive Polymer Layer, Can Be Used. The Aluminum Bfd Should Not Be Used Above 230 Kv Due To The Issues Of Riv. -Temperature: The Plastic Bird-Flight Diverter Can Be Used On Conductors Operating At 125C Or Below. For Operational Temperatures Above 125C, The Aluminum Bird-Flight Diverter Should Be Used If The Voltage Level Is Appropriate.

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